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~ Endorsements & Testimonials ~

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Mary Youngblood
Winner of five NAMMY Awards &
GRAMMY AWARD WINNER for best Native American Music Album

    "I was recently given the opportunity by a very dear friend and
student, to first see a JP Gomez flute up close and personal! 
I marveled at its exquisite beauty and smooth texture
in my hands...It is Art.
   And when I first played one of these instruments,
I was blown away by its perfect tonal quality
and it's incredible volume- Its "voice" as JP calls it.
For me, these are prerequisites for
a Native American Style Flute.
I love those notes to be RIGHT ON, and give me enough
room within any and ALL notes...to utilize FULL breath control to
embellish a piece.. well ... It is magic!
   I look forward to hearing these flutes mic'd and in the studio.
Heck!  Someone just give me a cavern , a canyon or a darn good hallway.
(See- I know you flute maniacs!) I is one!"

Mary Youngblood

You can read about Mary Youngblood and listen to her Music
at this link
http://www.maryyoungblood.com/ &



Scott August
NAMMY Award Winner

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"JP, your flutes are so nice. I’m really enjoying just picking one up when I have a few free moments and playing one. The sound is so clear and clean yet warm, round and haunting. It is the classic Native American Flute sound. They are also so easy to play, I don’t need to change breath pressure very much, if at all, no matter which note I’m playing and the holes are comfortably placed and well sized. Really wonderful instruments. The added touches to the design, the mouth pieces, blocks, wood burning everything is first rate. I’ve said it before, but it’s no wonder you are considered one of the best flute makers working today."

Thank you so much. They are truly a blessing.

Scott August

You can read about Scott and visit his website at this link http://www.cedarmesa.com/



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Douglas Spotted Eagle

In 2001Douglas Spotted Eagle & Tom Bee received a GRAMMY for producing"Gathering of Nations Powwow"

J.P. Gomez makes one of the finest looking instruments
that my fingers have ever touched!

His drone/double flutes unbelievable. I used an E minor drone flute on a film soundtrack that I recently completed, the film premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2000. You can hear this flute on the PBS airing of "Return of Navaho Boy", beginning in November 2000. 
I've used the drone flute, and the flute with the eagle
carved on the end.

I will also be using the drone and eagle flute on a feature for Warner Brothers to be finished in mid 2000. I'm quite certain that these 2 flutes will easily make their way into my regular recording arsenal."

You can read about Douglas & his work and visit his website at this link

Listen to the theme of Navaho Boy courtesy of Douglas S.E


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Jonny Lipford

"Heartsong Flutes are among the best I've ever performed and recorded with. They are consistent, reliable, well-built and concert pitch - making them top notch in my opinion. On top of that, they are beautiful instruments! Mr. Gomez certainly does amazing work."

Jonny Lipford- Flutist / recording artist



Timothy J.P. Gomez

Flute Performer / Recording Artist

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You are a true artist to your craft. I have been playing the NAF for 22 years

and I have to say that your flutes are magnificent and the notes are spot on.

I look forward making further additions to my collection
as they will be consisting of flutes made by you!

Thank you again for such a beautiful flute and taking care of me!
Will be in touch! Kindest Regards."

Timothy JP Gomez


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Mark Holland
~ (With a beautiful F# Ambrosia Eagle Flute) ~

"The beauty of Heartsong flutes to me is the clarity of tone and the volume consistency throughout the range of the flute.

J.P. takes great care in the tuning of his flutes which is real important to my work using the flute with all kinds of different instruments, live and in the studio.

Heartsong flutes are also very beautiful visually, from the artistic side as well. Most important though is the sound of these flutes - very clean and easy to control dynamically,
they speak very brilliantly!

It is truly a blessing to be playing J.P.'s flutes, I am very pleased to share their beauty and highly endorse them! peace,

Mark Holland - Flutist / recording artist


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"J.P’s flutes of which I have many, are my main stay and have been used in most of my recordings, the tonality
and feel of them is superior to many others I have come across, and they sound amazing live and in the studio.
Now that in it’s self, I would recommend his flutes to any one, but to add the icing on the cake so to speak,

they are also works of art that you would be proud to show to any one.

So would I recommend my friend Jean Pierre and his workmanship? You bet I would!
Once you have one of his creations within your hands, once you have put that first breath of life into your new flute,
then you will truly know, why there is a three month waiting list for his amazing museum quality treasures,
I promise you will not be disappointed.

My friend I cannot say enough about you, because of your gift of the heart you have shown and created for me.
You are the one whom helped to launch my music and gift to the world. I am honored to call you friend."



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Jan Michael Reibach

"I have several Flutes by JP, in the recent recording, Peaceful Journey, only heartsong flutes were utilized. The excellent craftsmanship and beautiful tonal
quality of his flutes are hard to compete with.
Some times it seems like these flutes play them-selves. I appreciate JP sharing his gift, and look forward to recording with his flutes in the future."


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Chris Spheeris

"Jean Pierre's flutes are precise and elegant.
His choice of quality woods allows for a wide
variety of beautiful tones.
I own several of these flutes and have found them to project remarkably well in highly discriminating recording situations."

Chris Spheeris is a Worldwide critically acclaimed
composer of world & New Age music.

His hit recordings include
Culture, Eros, Desires and Mystic Traveler among others

You can read about Chris & listen to his Music by visiting his website at this link


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Carlos Reynosa

"I wish I could find the words to describe the spirit that I have experienced playing J.P.'s flutes. The intention of the joy and love are so plainly evident in his craft.
He has truly found the balance between sight and sound.
I thank you J.P. for your glorious gift you have shared with me and hope you will continue your work for many years to come."

Carlos Reynosa - composer/recording artist.


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Claudia Tulip

Jean-Pierre creates Flutes of exquisite tone and impeccable craftsmanship.

Of particuliar note is the deeply resonant Drone-an eloquent  marriage of worlds Ancient & New.

I am very honored to play the unique Drones & Flutes of Jean-Pierre

Claudia is the flutist of the "William Eaton Ensemble", You can see her various   recordings over the years with William Eaton  on  "Canyon Record" web site: http://www.canyonrecords.com/arteaton.htm

Claudia Tulip - Flutist/Composer.


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Bill ' Elk Whistle' Neal

"'Siyo JP. I am truly enjoying playing my special edition White Eagle drone in E. You've done an excellent job voicing the flute.
The voice of the flute and, of course, the beautiful carving draw 'oohhs and aahhs' wherever I use it in my programs.
I'm also making plans to use it in my next recording project. Besides the added dimension of the sound of the drone, I especially like the extra octave that extends  the range of the flute's voice.
Most traditional flutes have barely more than one octave, so it is a treat for me to add these beautiful sounds to my songs.
Thanks again for your excellent creation.
I hope that what I create with it will do it justice, oginali. Dodadagohvi.
Bill 'Elk Whistle' Neal

You can visite Bill Neal music website at this link
http://www.elkwhistle.com and http://www.whitepathmusic.com                                                                                   


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Charles Littleleaf
Nammy Nominated Artist

I will soon be sharing this instrument of yours with people
from different countries, as we are about to embark on a United Kingdom  tour the entire month of April, visiting England, Scotland, Ireland and the Hebrides.
It will be my pleasure to play your instrument and enlighten folks there of your quality work of art. I am sure your flute will be enjoyed by the great
many who are waiting to hear me play. After the UK tour is over, we will be heading into Portugal, recording with Oliver Shanti. This is where your flute could prove to be another blessing
and I look forward to it.."

Charles Littleleaf - Flute player/recording artist


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Tom Thompson

"Time and time again, I have carried JP's flutes with me into the Canyons, Desert and Mountains of the SouthWest.

Playing them and being played by them. The Wind, the Earth, the Fire, the Stars, on this journey
I cannot recommend these flutes highly enough
Thank you, thank you JP.
Beautiful sounds, beautifully made."

Tom  Thompson - Flute player/recording artist


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Mark Holland
~ With a beautiful F# Ambrosia Eagle Flute ~
(One of several Heartsong flutes featured on is latest recording)

"The beauty of Heartsong flutes to me is the clarity of tone and the volume consistency throughout the range of the flute.
J.P. takes great care in the tuning of his flutes which is real important to my work using the flute with all kinds of different instruments, live and in the studio.
Heartsong flutes are also very beautiful visually, from the artistic side as well. Most important though is the sound of these flutes - very clean and easy to control dynamically,
they speak very brilliantly!

It is truly a blessing to be playing J.P.'s flutes, I am very pleased to share their beauty and highly endorse them! peace,

- Flutist / recording artist


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        "JP Gomez crafts his flutes with love and consummate skill.             His good, strong heart can be felt in all his creations.  I'm honored to count JP and his flutes as valued friends."

Saggio - composer/recording artist



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Mac Lopez and Tom Thompson

"Hello to all, my name is Mac Lopez (Shohsone) I am a
performing/recording artist of the Native American flute, my good friend
J.P. Gomez was one of the first flutemakers that I came into contact with on
this "flute journey", and has since remained in my opinion one of the top 3
makers in the country of the Native American flute, his tuning is right on
the money and the voicing of his flutes have a mellow, rich timbre that just
sings with beauty.

my 1st release; "Footprints of Our Ancestors"(~NativeAmerican Flute Duets~) ALL of the flutes that I played were made by J.P.,
I continue to perform and record with J.P.'s flutes as one of two of my
primary flutemakers, I know I can count on J.P.'s flutes and would highly
recommend them for beginner, intermediate and professional musicians alike,
be looking for my 3rd release of Native American flute music which will
again feature flutes by my friend J.P. Gomez, With Blessings, Mac Lopez


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Gary Cope

"It is seldom you encounter an artist such as J.P. Gomez.         

His flutes could be displayed in any art museum in the country
because of their sheer artistic beauty and craftsmanship
- but it is even more rare to be able to OWN a piece of art
at such an affordable price.  J.P.'s flutes are
perfectly tuned and have the most incredible voice.

If you are interested in a professional  high quality Native American Flute - even if you are a novice, you won't find anything better!
  Very highly recommended by this performer!"

Gary Cope, (composer/performer)
Indianapolis, Indiana


Don't miss Gary new CD release it is very unique, an incorporation of the Native American flutes in his own Jazzy music style. A real treat...
Visit Gary's "Personal Music Website" at:


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Oman Ken

"Heartsong flutes are by far the best crafted Native American flutes I have ever played.  The superb tonal quality is so rich and resonant my audience feel the magic when I play them."

Oman Ken - composer/recording artist



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Gary Lemos and Sarah Thomson

                   "Greetings from Gary Lemos and Sarah Thomson. We are Native American performing and recording artists.  We are members of the Indigenous Musical Instrument Society of the Americas.  We have performed extensively using a large variety of flutes from different parts of the continent and from different time eras.  In our cd, Genesis on TurtleIsland, we used a JP Gomez flute which added a beautiful dimension to the historical journey which is told with music. JP Gomez has the ability to make a visualy highly pleasing instrument which is tuned perfectly, and certainly ideal for performing and recording.
JP Gomez honors the winged and four-legged brotheres and sisters in the carving of his flutes.   He uses the natural knarels and knots to enhance his creativity.
    The JP Gomez flute seems to have it all---beauty, spirit and song!

            In the spirit, Sarah and Gary." 

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Mary-1.jpg (15970 bytes)

Mary Lightning Locke

"I’ve known JP since the beginning of his flute making career. I met him the day he started selling flutes to stores in Sedona. At that time I already had several flutes that had been crafted by other artisans.

We spent that afternoon looking over my flute collection and discussing the crafting qualities important to flute players. I had traveled all over the Southwest and much of the United States, testing the flutes I found in each store. However, when I tried JP’s, they were unequivocally superior in timbre and pitch. I soon sold my other flutes, and now play Heartsong flutes exclusively. When I play them, I go to deep and exquisite places inside myself while creating very beautiful music. I play them during ceremonies, workshops and presentations in my work as a teacher with K’u-Kuul-Kaan Academy.

To me, JP’s flutes are not merely instruments; they each have a soul, a character. He told me "Spirit" taught him how to make flutes, and I believe him. Over the years, we have maintained a friendship, and I have seen his continued dedication to quality product development. I have played these wonderful flutes in the United State, Mexico, Central America, and Europe. People are always deeply moved. JP also made "twin flutes" for a friend and me; they are in perfect pitch with each other. In fact, all my Heartsong flutes are in perfect pitch for playing with other instruments. "

Thank you, JP, for your outstanding work, and I look forward to playing your flutes for many years to come.

Mary Lightning Locke K’u-Kuul-Kaan Academy Merida, Yucatan, Mexico http://www.1spirit.com/kukuulkaan 


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Mia Margaret

"Jean Pierre's magical flutes are so easy to play. My new C.D"Island of Sedona" blends mainly harp and flute. Jean Pierre's flute makes this beautiful recording soothing to the Spirit and uplifting to the Soul. We were very blessed to be able to choose from 18 different flutes that Jean-Pierre hand-crafted.

Each one of Jean-Pierre's Native American Flutes
has a special beautiful tone and is beautiful to look at."

Mia Margaret - harpist and  performing artist www.reddust.com/dancing/wave.html


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Patrick Nielander

  "The flutes that JP Gomez crafts are remarkable instruments. The quality is excellent, they sound great, and they are works of art. 
JP recently sent me a flute as a gift.  I was impressed with the sound
immediately.  I like it so well I used it for the first song in my first
musical production. 

  I wanted to give a tribute to his kindness and abilities as a flute maker."
Patrick Nielander

Beautiful Flute music CD from Patrick Nielander, very soothing and nice variety of different Flute keys composition.

You can reach Patrick for CD's inquiries at:   deputy651@aol.com


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Brent Chase

brent2.jpg (16449 bytes)

"My name is Albert Brent Chase (Chasingwind) I am Navajo, my clan is Honaghanii born for the Mexican, Isleta pueblo and Yaqi people.  I come from Joseph City, Arizona.  My reservation home is in the Black Rock, Arizona.  I share culture with schools and on the reservations, colleges, Conferences, in certain social gathering and many different occassions.
I have two albums out on my Indian flute, " Where the Earth touches the Stars" and " Dances for the New millenium".  The third album will soon be released.  The Flutes are made by JP Gomez of Sedona, AZ

brent3.jpg (19063 bytes)

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Louis Levin "Eagle Warrior"

"As an artist and a craftsman, I know you will be pleased
and proud to hear that the e-drone you made for me was the cause of enthusiastic praise and comments.

I performed with it at the Pauwau we attended on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. People were amazed beyond words at the beauty and magnificence of this instrument. Even a couple of flute makers who were there were awed and amazed and inspired.

Plus, there were an equal number of compliments on its beauty of sound.

I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful treasure for me."


Eagle Warrior

You can contact the Artist for informationon this CD at:


Hello JP,

Received my 6th. flute today from you. I was very impressed with this Redwood Flute in the key of G.
The sound is as vibrant as any of the flutes I have.
This is an excellent flute!
The Ambrosia Maple with Leopard Wood, Turquoise, and Pipe Stone Inlay
is truly a work of art. This flute is truly wonderful.
the African Walnut Mustang A# flute is everything I expected it to be. The tone is wonderful and will be played on my upcoming CD along with all of the other Heartsong Flutes that I own. I truly appreciate your work!

The Inlay Aspen Carved Wolf Flute is beautiful. You out did yourself this time. The voice is perfect in tone and volume and the carved running wolf is awesome! For a Low "C" it is very easy to play.
I am again driven to get even more of your wonderful flute Mary Youngblood Signature "F" flute is beautiful like all of your flutes. I can't get over how reasonably priced these flutes are.

The F# Flute has a beautiful voice. The lacewood looks, feels and sounds great. This flute is by far the best sounding flute in my collection. I now know why you have named your business Heartsong Flutes. When your flutes are played they have a way of bringing forth heart filled songs.
I find myself not wanting to put it down. Your flutes are of the highest quality!
Thank you for making such a wonderful instrument for me!
I am sure it too will be very special.
I am looking forward to receiving my next Heartsong Flute.

Thank You JP!

Ed Hrebec - Oregon Flute maker

I have been fortunate enough to obtain a NEW member of my family of Native
American Flutes. Today, for the first time, I wrapped my fingers around a
Walnut F# made by J.P. Gomez of Sedona Arizona.
To say that this flute is GORGEOUS is an understatement of the highest magnitude.
It is a work of art, with four inlaid bands of crushed turquoise
and a hand carved Raven fetish. It's voice is as clear and strong as a mountain wind.
Yet, gentle as a spring breeze in the forest. It is such a sensory overload.
It feels great, it looks great, it sounds great and yes, it even smells great.
JP uses a blend of different natural waxes to finish his work.
When I pick up this flute, it just sings! It just comes pouring out of me,
all the emotion,  all the feeling. This tree truly is still alive.
I know very few things for certain in my life....one I have no doubt of is
the influence and importance of Native American Flute on my life and
has certainly gone a long way to setting me back on the good red road
that speaks to my heart.

Thank You, Grandfather, Grandmother, Great Spirit for the "Voice of the Wood"....for how
you have taught me, at the very least, how to pray with this instrument.

In Peace,


I just wanted to let you know how I feel about Heartsong Flutes. They are fantastic and a joy.
I am blessed with several now and hope to be further blessed in the future.
Having owned many flutes, some by highly regarded makers,
without question I would recommend your flutes to anyone. Playing quite a few of your flutes,
the consistent quality is evident and a testament to your dedication.
Your instruments are always easy to play, high volume
and have a clean sound, be it a very high key, a bass flute, or a drone.
All of the notes are full, well articulated and of course the tuning is right on.
The craftsmanship, use of various and unusual materials, inlay work, carving
and attention to detail are a wonder. Not content to make the same flute over and over ,
each new custom collector's flute is a stunning stride in creative and artistic expression.
The concern you show for the new owner's total satisfaction is refreshing and welcome.
Even the flute bags are over the top.
The beauty of your creations fill my eyes and their sound envelopes my soul
and takes me to a peaceful place. Keep on keepin' on!! Cheers

In Harmony Lee R. Western N.C.

"The beauty of Heartsong flutes to me is the clarity of tone and the volume consistency throughout the range of the flute. J.P. takes great care in the tuning of his flutes which is real important to my work using the flute with all kinds of different instruments, live and in the studio. Heartsong flutes are also very beautiful visually, from the artistic side as well. Most important though is the sound of these flutes - very clean and easy to control dynamically, they speak very brilliantly! It is truly a blessing to be playing J.P.'s flutes, I am very pleased to share their beauty and highly endorse them! peace,

Mark Holland .
- Flutist / recording artist

"Hello JP  the flutes arrived and they are Beautiful!!    In the 25 years that
I've been playing the Indian flute this is the first time I've seen how to
make the European notes.  The flutes that I've been playing are all over 30
years old , one of them is 100 years old and I don't think that they are
tuned exactly to the scale...
  Many,many thanks!!!   
sincerely,   Kevin Locke
( Traditional Native American Flute Player)



Well, I have had my gorgeous Wolf flute for a few days now, and I have to
say that I continue to fall more and more in love with this flute.

To begin with, your carving on this flute is exquisite! I have been
involved with wolves and following them for a number of years now, and the
wolf carving on the front of the flute and in the block is beautiful. You
really do capture the beauty and the spirit of the wolf. The walnut is
exceptionally beautiful as well. You truly have a gift in what you can do
with your hands. Your carving skills are top notch, to say the least.

That is not the only thing that I love about your flute. I have always
been primarily interested in the sound of a flute. Aesthetics are nice,
but what I have always been wanting with a flute is a flute with a
beautiful sound, great tonal qualities, a voice that truly pleases the ear
as well as caresses the soul. This Wolf flute is not only incredibly
beautiful to look at, its song is absolutely incredible. It sings with a
silky rich voice and it truly touches my heart.

What also amazes me about your flute is the incredible voice it has with
the closed end flute. There are very few flute makers that I know of that
can carve a flute with such beauty on the looks and also have a beautiful
and clear sounding flute as well. You have both, and then some with your

My wife has been interested in my flutes in the past, but this is the
first flute that I have had that she has really been taken aback by. She
is always begging me to show my new Wolf flute as well as play my new
flute to all of her friends. Another indicator that this is one very
special flute.

In closing, I want to thank you with all my heart for this beautiful
flute JP. I cannot get over how much I love this flute, its beauty, inside
and out, continues to take my breath away. Thank you so much JP.

In Gentle Spirit,

Dave Fields


Dear, JP:

The much anticipated day arrived.  When I opened the box and saw the Black
Walnut Crane Flute the first thing that came to mind was to take it to my
safe deposit box, it is purely a work of art.  And the Crane has a special
place in the hearts and culture of our Nation, the Miami Indians of Indiana.

The grain in the beautiful black walnut is open, resembling the ends of a
feather, but so tight it is as smooth as baby powder.  The Crane block, with
it's wings wide spread, appears to be taking flight from the nest, while the
Crane head on the other end with it's inlaid tiger eyes and large 5" bill
wide open, is anticipating it's next meal from a cool stream.

And the Arizona Diamond Back Rattle Snake skin inlays are just that, inlays,
not on top of the body but inlayed into the wood.  The carrying bag with it's
shoulder strap is beautiful in itself.

Being your first (A) flute I find it to be perfectly tuned and an outstanding
voice, you are a true craftsman of the Native American Flute with a gift to
be creative.

I take pride in the Crane as I do the Raven I own.

Thanks  WI-NIK

Jim Truax CA


Dear JP,
"You know, I originally thought that I would like to collect flutes made by
different makers. I ordered several and the first one I received was your
closed-end Raven flute in the key of "F". It was my first closed-end flute.
What a beauty! One look, one touch, one song later I knew you were to be the
maker of all my flutes. Just when I thought I could not love a flute more,
you shipped out the CT4 in "G". Wow! That flute is not only gorgeous, but it
also plays like a dream. I can hardly wait for your next creation for me...
the hummingbird flute in "A" with turquoise inlay.

I still have 2 flutes on order with other flutemakers, but I already know
they will pale in comparison. I plan on playing your flutes exclusively for
my upcoming recording and performances. The volume, tuning, apex and tone
are unsurpassed. Couple that with your supurb artistry and the wonderful
energy that you put into your work and it is an unbeatable combination.

JP, it is easy to see, hear, and feel that you genuinely put your heart into
your work. Mother Earth must be smiling when she hears the beautiful sounds
of your flutes. It gives her reason to keep growing trees.

Walk in Peace and Beauty. Aho!"

Lynn Rosenthal


   The Running Wolf Flute in E is a finely crafted, stunning flute. Mine
is made of walnut, with coral bands.
   The instrument has been very carefully turned and the wood is
flawless. J.P. takes great care in selecting his wood for the flute and
the saddle. The saddle fits snugly, and after playing for two hours
straight, I had no "watering out."   The instrument is well balanced and
fits my hands as if it were custom made for me alone.
   The tone is very good throughout the instrument, and the tuning is
perfect. This is true regardless of the amount of air pressure one
applies when playing.
   The vibration of the notes through the wood can actually be felt
through the fingers as you play. This exhilarating feeling gives one a
sense of being one with the flute while playing.
   I give this flute high marks in all areas: balance, wood quality,
finish, tone, and tuning.
   A must have for the serious player.

Larry Bearded Wolf

Ea Nigada Qusdi Idadadvhni  (All My Relations In Creation)


"My name is Bob Bellus, and I have the honor and privilege of just having
received one of your flutes, through Mac Lopez, in the last couple of
days.  It is the double closed-end eagle head with the Kokopelli inlay.  I
can't tell you how excited I am about this flute.  In addition to the
superior workmanship and quality of the flute overall, it is one of the few
flutes I have that I made friends with instantly when I first played
it.  To my style of playing, it is very responsive, and I especially
appreciate the ease with which I can control the octave on the drone
side.  A wonderful combination of beauty, function and spirit.  Truly a
piece of playable sculpture.  Thanks you for making this available to me."

"Dear J.P.,
             I just got one of your drones from Mac with the help of my sis
Christine. It is the one with the Eagle and Feathers burned on it. I am
truly blessed to possess this beautiful flute. The music that comes out of
it blow my mind. It is truly a masterpiece. I get the chills everytime I
play it. I think it plays me rather than the other way around. Everyone who
plays it says it is so easy and unlike any other drone they have played and
I tend to agree. Please keep up the good work because you affect peoples
lives with the awesome flutes you make. Many Thanks for my treasure.

Peace and Harmony,


"Hello J.P. I received my Eagle Drone Flute a couple of weeks ago.  Thank you so much in creating a high qualityDrone. The Drone plays like the wind. Not only does the flute generate a concert like sound on all the notes, but the Drone can be played very comfortably. It is also well designed in the mouth piece area where the Drone can be played as a single flute through the course of a song. I now have two flutes made by you. I am very pleased. Once again, thank you for putting special care in creating my flutes. Hope to talk or see you soon. Thanks again... Steve"

Hello J.P,
It is very obvious that you make your wonderful flutes not only with great
skill, but with the eye of the artist, and a heart full of love. "Running
Wolf" is so beautiful...What a sweet flute! She is alive, the wood feels so
alive, and what a smooth and mellow (and perfectly tuned) voice she has.

I now have three of your flutes, keys of C, F#, and E. Your wonderful
hospitality last year in Sedona will always be remembered. I learned more in
two visits with you than I did in a year on my own. Thank you, Pilamaya,
Gracias, Danka. Blessings and Hugs to you...Namaste.

Alice Hess


Hello JP:

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying the African Walnut flute that I purchased at my Flute Circle meeting in February.

  It is such a deep and haunting sound even in these beginners hands and is giving me a lot of comfort and joy. I also own an F# Padauk and it, along with yours, are fast becoming my favorites. I am saving up to purchase one of your drones. If they are as well crafted as the 'E' flute I have, they'll be well worth the price. "

Thanks again and regards,

Steve LaBounty


"I played the Red Tailed Hawk Drone last night after receiving it, and it plays just as beautiful as it looks !! The voicing is so smooth and gentle, yet so powerful ! It is very easy to play as far as holding it and fingering goes and the breath required to fully activate both chambers is minimal. I love the way it plays me, almost dictating to me when to blow softer or harder as I go up to the higher notes in the scale then just at the right moments, if I increase the air pressure it will go up an octave. The higher and lower octaves just meld and blend together perfectly !!

What a beautiful piece of living art !!
I look forward to the pleasure that this flute will bring to myself and others
who will hear it's sweet song... From my breath to the Creators' ear !!"



Hello, JP

"Received my flute today, and I love it a lot, and I always knew it was for me
and thanks you very much for making it especially for me.  I love it, and
love the different colors in the eyes, it sings, it flies, my hawk is soaring
and I am soaring with him.  The curl in the redwood is awesome and the tail
is titillating, my *Spirit* is very moved.  I am very elated.  There is so
much more I could tell you, but I do want you to know this, it does
oscillate.  :o)   You are truly a perfectionist with the *Creator* by you
side.  Thanks again for the love, music and *Spirit* you put in my beautiful
My sweetie gave me a beautiful birthday gift, a gift of *Love*.  :o)  I am so
grateful to my *Creator* for putting so much love in my life, it is

Dual Spirit,"


Dear Jean-Pierre,

"My flute arrived this AM.  I made a ceremony of its
opening, putting your CD to work.  It is so hauntingly
beautiful.  Transmigration spoke especially loud to me.

The flute is beautiful, the grain on the block is
wonderful as it follows the flowing fur. The Fingerhole
spacing is perfect and, oh, the sound...glorious!!  "


Theresa Morehouse

   "The Raven Flute, by JP Gomez, is one of his most powerful instruments
yet. The dark walnut captures the spirit of this splendid creature. The
head is masterfully carved with fourteen feathers, set back to denote
flight. Gorgeous tigers eye gems for the eyes sparkle in the light.
   As are all his flutes, JP's Raven is meticulously tuned. The tone is
strident throughout the instrument, yet can drop to a stirring whisper.
It is sheer joy to play this flute, and the combined spirits of the wood
and maker blend to help your musical visions take flight.
   This is my third flute by this spirit filled Artisan, and I am
honored to be able to play his creations."

Larry Bearded Wolf



As you so well put, the bear has found its cave, and that cave is here with
me.  The bear drone flute is really a piece of art.  I am a flute maker
myself, so I know the work you put into your flutes.  You are an artist and
a musician in the same breath. Your flutes are a work of art. It is for that
reason that I desired to have one of your flutes and I was not disappointed
in the least.  You truly have been blessed with a talent and anyone who is
able to have one of your flutes in their hands will not be disappointed.
The tone is very sweet and the harmonic tones are really a thrill to listen
to.  I look forward to in the future of owning one of your E flutes.

With Love
Trader Lee



"my,brother,today I received the C Drone in the post, one day before my birthday.
It was hard to drive to work with the C Drone sitting next to me,
it called out to be played.  I could not bear to be away from it  for even one day.
   The lizard inlay is exquisite, and the perfume from the Alaskan cedar is beyond description.
  This is the first drone I have owned and I cannot put it down,
it is showing me so many new songs. I am knocked out with the sensitivity
and the ease I can swap from melody to drone and to both,and the two octaves
are fantastic to ride. I find a new sound each time it sings.
I have the honor of playing at the Quest festival in August in Devon England and 
will be playing the perfumed C Drone to the folks just to share the magic. 
JP, my friend, spirit walks with you, thank you for walking with me for a while on our journeys."




"The illustrations on your site are great, but, until you see the flute in
person you have no idea of the true craftsmanship and size.  I thought my 27"
B flat from Hawk was big.  I like the fact that it is not an exact copy of
your first Raven, it has 7 top feathers compared to the 6 on the Raven 2. 
The tone holes are slightly different then any of my other flutes, but are
comfortable.  Checking it on my chromatic tuner, it is right on.  I have 4
other closed end flutes but they do not resonate as this one, but they are of
cedar.  I am very happy to add your Raven to my collection of flutes.."

Thank you very much


Jim Truax



  "The F# eagle drone is a beautiful flute.  His craftsmanship is perfect.
The voice is clear and well tuned.
The drone side has 2 tones,F# and an octave,
which I've never heard in any other flutes. The fetish is flawless and unique.

  You can feel the love he puts into his flutes,when
you play one of his creations.

  This eagle will soar to the heavens and sing beautiful songs!!

          Thank you JP, what a great gift."
         Nancy Abosaid



"I was surprised to come home and find a familiar long triangle shaped
box waiting in my living room. You could have knocked me over with a
feather when I opened it and found that I had been gifted with JP's
White Buffalo flute. I'd like to share with you my experience with it so
far, now that we have chased the sun down.
   Up until now, my Gomez flutes have been walnut and a drone, so I was
first impressed with the lightness of the spruce wood. So light in
color, it is almost white. JP takes great care in making sure his lines
are silky smooth; his seams almost invisible. The light burning of the
holes gives a rustic brown tint to the flute which really contrasts
beautifully. The magnificent buffalo head has two walnut horns and he
looks at you with small amethyst eyes that, in the right light, almost
seem to wink at you. Another buffalo sits atop the flute in the fetish
position. I am impressed with JP's design for his fetish placement. A
small indentation in the wood helps the fetish to sit securely. I have
never had to readjust one. Three turquoise inlay bands help to add color
to this flute.
    The tone is superb. Tuned in E, the spruce has a light thrumming
vibration to it when you play it. All the notes are clean and clear and
overblowing is done easily and the difference in octave causes no
variation in the quality. I am a dry player, so watering out has not
been a factor. His flutes fit the hand so well, it is easy to play for
   I can not praise JP enough for his spirit, vision and skills as an
artist. The Great Mystery has his hand on Jean Pierre's heart, and it
shows in each of his flutes.
Wado, JP, you continue to amaze me. I am honored to carry your flute and
to call you friend."

Ea Nigada Qusdi Idadadvhni  (All My Relations In Creation)
Larry Bearded Wolf


Our friend, JP, and flute family:

After days of excited anticipation, Vicky and I received our winning JP
Gomez flute today in the mail and, much to our amazement, it was far more
beautiful than we ever dreamed it would be. Since this is our first
experience with JP's flutes, we can clearly see today, that it will not be
our last.

After opening the package and immediately observing the initial beauty of
this flute's wonderful appearance, I have found that I am quite taken by the
craftsmanship of this instrument and it's extremely easy playing ability. It
plays beautifully and is in perfect tune in the key of G.  The walnut wolf
block is very eye catching and unique, and the overall appearance of the
entire instrument is a work of art.

I now know that my future will bring to light, the sharing in the voice of
this wonderful creation with the world through recordings and performances.
Thank you, JP, for the honor and privilege of experiencing this great and
beautiful instrument.

Now, if I can get it away from Vicky, I will play it the rest of the night.

Your friend, Charles Littleleaf


Dear JP -

"ITS HERE! I got a notice yesterday that your flute had arrived so instead of
heading to work in Austin I headed into Bastrop this morning to pick it up
at the Post Office. I couldn't wait till I got to work to open it so I
pulled off the road in a quiet spot and opened the box. I must say I was
"blown away" by what I found. JP you out did yourself - the flute is even
more beautiful than I expected! I began to play it and the sound also was
wonderful! The notes flowed out of it like water - very smooth - even going
into the higher notes - no hesitation. It has a very "centered" sound, it is
soft and gentle yet clear, but it seemed to be almost inside me, wrapped
around me like a beautiful blanket. Maybe this is an effect that closed-end
flutes have - this is my first - or maybe it was because I was playing it
inside the car, I don't know, but rest assured this flute has found a home.
And the leather case for it is so wonderful and beautiful!- and so
unexpected too! I knew this would be a long flute and would need an extra
long bag but I thought it would be cloth - not this beautiful leather one
with fringe and beads! WOW! And then one of your CDs TOO! This is heaven! I
have a long ride into work so I got to listen to your music on the way in.
Very enjoyable - I love your sound. Your style of playing is very similar to
(and much better than) the way I play.  Anyway JP - Thanks so much - I feel
that you did much more than you had too for me and I appreciate it very
much! This flute is very special and I will cherish it always....
Yours always in Harmony and Heart -

Patricia Partridge


Words cannot express the pleasure I experienced when I opened the box, the quiver, and then took out that beautiful flute you made for me. If I had ordered it from you in person I don't think it could have been better. I thank you, my friend, for this work of art. I have only been able to sound out the primary scale, but the sounds I heard surpass my expectations. I can hardly wait till I can began to give it the work out it deserves. I will be contacting you in the future for the High E Mohogony with a humming bird block. Will write again soon. Your friend, Jim"

Jim Conley


WOW!!! The flutes are absolutely beautiful! You really did an outstanding job.
The wood burning design is great, that was really, really nice of you.
The boys will flip when they see them tonight.

I tried them both and they sound as good as they look. Thanks again for
your hard work and the extra design details.
I know they will be treasured by my sons."

- Ric
Eric Hollander

"hi jp,
the flute is extraodinary.... i can't believe the excellent
craftsmanship.  The details in the head and the feathers in the block were
outstanding. i just held the flute for awhile and looked at it in awe. the
tone is excellent. the notes bend so easily and the jump up into the next
drone octave is beautiful. i know you spent a lot of extra time on my flute
and added many things to the flute. i greatly appreciate your work. i have
been a rock hound for many years and the tiger eye that you added makes the
flute alive. i guess i already believe the flute has its own spirit or
reflects our souls and the creators. you made this flute in a good way and
its voice will be heard and celebrated. jp, you should have seen and heard
the response of the teachers and students. the music teacher said he has
never seen or heard anything like it. the flute is truly beautiful. i hope
someday to see you and thank you personally for this gift. namaste my friend
and thank you again for this wonderful gift, ed

Ed Hofman


"The flute came yesterday but I missed the mailman. So...this afternoon, I hurried to the post office and picked up the package. I brought it home and opened it and ... wow! I really like this flute. I love the way it looks - thanks so much for the extra enhancements. But more important, it is perfectly in tune with a little extra range on top. One of the first things I noticed was that it is very easy to "half-hole" this flute. That little enhancement makes playing so much more versatile. Even the high register is wonderfully responsive on "half-holing". I can see this flute becoming my most reliable of my whole collection.

Oh...and as usual, the voicing is very enjoyable. I especially like the way it imitates a singing bird - which I imagine was your goal at the outset.

Thanks so much for your work and attention to detail!


Gary Cope.

Hello JP,

"The flute arrived today and it is most wonderful -
really, down to every last detail it is perfect... with a few special touches I see! It is
tuned precisely and it plays beautifully. Truly a work of art. I
appreciate your work and attention and I cannot express my joy at the
moment so I will get back to playing this instrument which I consider a
privilege to own. Thank you again - and you can count on my future
business and hearty recommendation. "

Warmest Regards,

Sean Heim

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