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JP Gomez Bio

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Originally from the South of france. In 1993 I moved from Los Angeles California where I was making a living
as a professional Fashion photographer to beautiful Sedona Arizona. One summer evening while camping in the Redrocks
I heard someone playing a Native American Flute that was echoing in the Canyon.

It sounded so beautiful that I decided I wanted to make one for myself and try to reproduce its organic sound.
After a few days I went to the local hardware store and bought myself a Redwood blank, a chisel and a pocket knife.
After chiseling the inside of the blank and shaping the outside with the pocket knife,
I had succeeded and made my very first Flute.

Luckily my first attempt turned out pretty good so I felt confidant and decided to make another one out of Aromatic Cedar,
which I eventually sold to a musician from Los Angeles that was visiting Sedona.

The funny paradox in all this was that I had never done woodworking before or new anything about musical instruments.
It was one of those things in Life that happened naturally and fell into place effortlessly,
that was the beginning of my new journey as Flute maker in Sedona.

Like everything else in Life, my work has evolved over the years with the use of better tools, a variety of beautiful burl
and exotic woods, inlay of gem stones and other natural materials, which I combined to created beautiful musical
instruments that are functional pieces of Art. In almost 20 years I have made thousands of instruments
for musicians and instrument collectors from all over the world.

Today my work is mostly concentrated on creating high quality contemporary
Native American Style Flutes with exquisite tone, sound and craftsmanship.

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Cathedral Rock Sedona, Arizona