~ Sedona Vortex Flute ~

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Available in Standard A440Hz and A432Hz frequency tuning.

Handcrafted from Kachina Peaks Aspen wood and Sedona Red Manzanita,
inlay with a Kokopelli, Spiral and bands of Sedona Cathedral Rock 'Vortex' stone.
This is a limited edition instrument, only 45 Flutes will be made. Feel free to contact me for more info. SOLD OUT

Shipping N/A
(Lower 48 US only)

Price- A minor & A# minor SOLD OUT       Price- Gminor & G# minor SOLD OUT

Price- E minor, F minor, F# minor SOLD OUT

Price- low D & low D# SOLD OUT

Listen to G A432Hz frequency

No effect added                              Light reverb added

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Includes Playing instructions fingering booklet.

~ All Designs available in 6 hole Flute & 5 hole Flute ~

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